Vet Formulated

Our board-certified and award winning veterinary nutritionist designed each Woofly recipe to the highest pedigree.

Health Benefits

Woofly can help to improve the lives of dogs of all shapes and sizes and our customers see that every day.

Free Shipping

You'll receive your shipments on a recurring and flexible 2 week schedule. The best part? It's FREE!

People’s Opinion

The quality of the food and customer service is incredible, they really care about their customers. Our dog is so obsessed and can't wait to eat now.
Amanda Moizis
It's so nice knowing the meals have all the nutrition that our puppy Lupe needs. Plus the deliveries are so much more convenient then we could have imagined!
Daniela Beevee
My dog is pretty picky when it comes to food but now he sits by his bowl begging every time he sees me pull the Woofly food out of the fridge.
Haley Streu
We've seen a huge improvement in our dog Benny's energy and even noticed he has a shinier coat.
Jessica Lennarson
Their healthier food is a bit more expensive than our typical kibble but it's saved us from so many vet visits. We couldn't recommend it more!
KB Bhullar
I cannot stress enough how much I love Woofly. Their food always looks amazing and our dog Charlie is so happy every time it arrives at our door.
Katie Harrison